Published: October 22, 2006


A DEVELOPER recently offered $10 million to the school district here in exchange for its support of a proposal to build a downtown like mix of homes, shops and offices on what are now a sod farm and a golf course. Nearby, in Rocky Point, Fairfield Properties, an apartment developer, offered to expand the community's downtown sewage capacity, at a cost of $3 million, in exchange for support for its plan to build more homes than would otherwise be allowed on its site.

Farther west, in North Hills, one of the wealthiest communities in Nassau County, another developer, Midtown Equities, has agreed to pay the village $21 million if a plan to build 244 luxury condominiums on 17.5 acres is approved. Another developer has already paid North Hills $12 million after receiving expanded building rights.

These are just a few examples of offers that builders have made in recent months in exchange for the right to build many more units per acre than would normally be allowed under existing zoning rules. Such offers are generally announced by the developers early in the application process, when they are seeking public support.

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