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Monday, December 2, 2013

One Reason to hire a Zoning Attorney

by Janice Whelan Shea

You wouldn’t buy a car without “kicking the tires” or embark into a significant commitment without “eyes wide open”. Your relationship to a parcel of property must begin with the question “will this property will meet my needs”. Due diligence, cannot be obtained by title reports or listing agreements and is best left to a professional who owes her duty exclusively to you.

We witness many cases where innocent parties rely upon a seller, landlord or agent only to later learn that their supposed legal use, in fact, violates the municipal code. Most leases leave a tenant responsible for municipal compliance and enforcement proceedings leave no sympathy for tenants who claim they did not know any better.

Time and time again we see that knowing the complete zoning history of a site will assist a party to negotiate the most favorable terms to their position or prevent a client from bidding on ill-suited site.

While we assist before, during and after, we are best positioned to help you avoid zoning drama before you enter a lease or contract.

We at Harras, Bloom & Archer know the way around building departments - Island wide. We know the questions to ask to get you the answers you need, quickly and discreetly.

Let us help you kick the dirt.

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