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One of the more prominent areas of real estate litigation involves disagreements and legal disputes about the location of property lines and the use of property surrounding those property lines. These disputes can arise between real estate developers, municipalities, government agencies, individual homeowners and commercial property owners.

The Long Island boundary dispute attorneys at Harras Bloom & Archer LLP handle a wide range of boundary dispute and general real estate litigation matters for clients throughout Nassau County, the New York Metropolitan area, Hudson Valley, Western New York and the surrounding areas.

Contact the firm for knowledgeable, expeditious and thorough representation in real estate disputes such as:

  • Encroachments: When a landowner objects to the placement of structures because he or she believes the structure has been placed on his or her property.
  • Easements: When an entity has a legal right to use a portion of another landowner's property (i.e., utility companies running pipelines or other structures to deliver utilities to other areas).
  • Adverse possession: If a person successfully trespasses and uses another person's property, he or she may be able to take claim over that property if the owner did not act quickly to prevent illegal use of the property.
  • Prescriptive easements: If an individual has continually used property that does not belong to him or her, state law may establish an easement in the person's favor to help him or her continue to use the property.

If an individual or business is unlawfully using property, or unknowingly was using the property of another individual, legal action should be taken as soon as possible. If a landowner does not notice or take action against the unlawful use of his or her property within a reasonable period of time, then the landowner may lose rights to that property. It is crucial that real estate and financial interests are protected quickly, with help from an experienced and assertive real estate litigation lawyer.


Harras Bloom & Archer LLP is known for providing sophisticated legal representation to sophisticated clients serving Nassau County, Suffolk County, Queens County, New York City and surrounding areas.

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