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SEQRA refers to the New York State Environmental Quality Review Act. This piece of legislation encourages the consideration of environmental impact on the part of state and local government entities as they make decisions regarding various real estate developments and other pertinent issues.

The Long Island SEQRA litigation attorneys of Harras Bloom & Archer LLP have handled matters for a wide range of clients in SEQRA litigation, including real estate developers, investors, engineers and other key stakeholders in land use and zoning matters. The firm emphasizes achieving a balance between working with government agencies and against them, employing skillful negotiation when possible to achieve results but understanding that in some cases, aggressive representation is necessary to help a project move forward.

The firm handles land use decision-making issues that may be subject to SEQRA regulations, including those that involve:

  • Zoning and rezoning for commercial and residential properties
  • Site plans for developments and land use
  • Redevelopment projects
  • Industrial and manufacturing property
  • Environmental reviews and waste management

Environmental concerns related to these issues should be considered at the earliest possible time, to help ensure that projects are not well into development by the time issues are brought up by government agencies. Harras Bloom & Archer LLP is proactive in these matters, helping clients achieve efficient results that help projects move forward and keep the financial aspects of the project under control.

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