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Harras Bloom & Archer LLP represents key stakeholders in construction-related litigation, with clients including contractors, engineers, real estate developers, investors and lenders, owners and trade associations throughout the Long Island and New York Metropolitan areas.

The primary objective in each litigation case is to protect the bottom line of the client. To this end, various mechanisms may be used, including negotiation of contracts and settlements when appropriate to limit the interruption of project progression. The firm’s Long Island construction litigation attorneys can help with construction dispute issues such as:

  • Highway construction
  • Construction of hotels and resort facilities
  • Manufacturing and distribution facilities
  • Office buildings, retail developments and commercial real estate
  • Residential facilities including single- and multi-unit family housing
  • The implementation of various utilities

Success in this complex area of law requires a thorough knowledge of several factors. The attorneys of Harras Bloom & Archer LLP balance an acute understanding of real estate law, the business objectives of real estate projects, financial considerations and contract law as well as the ways that such private sector endeavors intersect with local municipal regulations and legislation. Beyond this, is consideration for what is truly possible within engineering and construction management.

Few firms have achieved the notable successes of Harras Bloom & Archer LLP. The unique perspective of the firm’s attorneys and their ability to address the many angles of construction litigation has helped them be efficient yet detailed in the representation they provide to clients across Long Island.

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