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Encumbrance and Lien Legal Counsel in New York City and Long Island

Encumbrances and liens are complex legal instruments that serve as a charge upon real property for the satisfaction of a debt or duty. At the New York City and Long Island law firm of Harras Bloom & Archer LLP, we offer a broad array of real estate-related legal services, including assistance to clients facing challenges associated with all types of property-related liens, such as:

  • Judgment liens, which can be entered by a court against a property in a civil lawsuit when a party owes money he or she cannot otherwise pay.
  • Tax liens, which may be imposed by law upon a property to secure the payment of unpaid property, personal or income taxes.
  • Mechanic’s liens (also known as a material man’s lien or supplier’s lien), which are filed by an individual or business whose labor or supplies improved a property and who did not receive payment.

Here are the lien services we offer here at Harras Bloom & Archer LLP:

Resolving lien disclosure disputes. When an individual or organization purchases real property such as a residential or commercial building or parcel of land, it is important that the property be free of encumbrances and liens. When a property seller fails to disclose all existing liens against a property, the property’s value may be diminished and the property buyer may lose money due to diminished asset value. We are experienced negotiators and litigators and can effectively represent parties on either side if lien disclosure disputes.

The filing of liens. Contractors, creditors and others may need legal counsel regarding the advisability and feasibility of filing a lien, or regarding the court processes involved in correctly creating and filing a lien. We have advised hundreds of clients in all steps of the lien filing process and can properly draft, serve and file your lien.

The contesting of liens. Parties often disagree regarding the facts involved in lien disputes. For instance, a lien filer may claim that all or a portion of a property-related debt is unpaid; a property owner may, in contrast, believe the debt to be fully satisfied. We can accurately determine the facts pertaining to lien disputes and work effectively to achieve resolution.

The enforcement of a lien. The filing of a mechanic’s lien or other lien does not necessarily result in payment of the funds owed. We can utilize the leverage provided by judicial foreclosure sales to help obtain the funds you are owed.

Vacating and removing a lien. Once your property is cleared of a lien, you may petition the court for a decree to release the property from the lien. We can handle this process for you.

The attorneys of Harras Bloom & Archer LLP are skilled in handing lien transactions and disputes, and possess a high degree of legal knowledge and courtroom experience. For more information regarding our real estate and lien services, contact us at our Long Island office at 631-498-5505.


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