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Disputes can arise in any stage of real estate development. Harras Bloom & Archer LLP represents clients in each stage, protecting their property rights using an acute sense of strategy, negotiation and assertiveness in the courtroom.

The firm has a unique perspective on litigation proceedings as they pertain to real estate law and the goals of developers, brokers, investors and other individuals who take on these matters from a business perspective.

The firm’s distinguished representation as Long Island real estate litigation attorneys lends itself to success in matters including:

Real estate litigation in the Long Island area — including Nassau County, Suffolk County, Queens County, Hudson Valley, New York City and the surrounding areas — often involves Article 78 proceedings. The firm has intricate knowledge of this complex process, in which the court reviews all administrative records that brought zoning applications and permits to the point of grant or denial.

Success in this area requires an understanding of the business interests of developers, the proper process that municipalities should take and the methods required to be successful in appellate matters. Harras Bloom & Archer LLP has obtained favorable results in a number of complicated projects and can use this experience to help resolve real estate litigation matters for its clients efficiently and effectively.

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