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Any business that enters into agreements with contractors or subcontractors for a substantial amount of business needs runs the risk of negligence on the part of those contractors. In real estate endeavors this can be especially critical because of complex liability issues and the difficulty in determining whether or not the owners of a business that uses contractors and/or subcontractors can be held responsible for the damages done by those parties.

At Harras Bloom & Archer LLP, contractor and subcontractor litigation is handled with a keen awareness of the nuances in this area of law. The firm’s attorneys resolve issues using a full breadth of experience to help clients achieve the most favorable outcome possible with respect to their bottom line.

The firm’s Long Island contractor litigation attorneys handle a breadth of contractor and subcontractor claims as they pertain to real estate litigation and general business litigation, including:

  • Failure to complete a job
  • Failure to complete a project up to specifications
  • Disputes over work performed
  • Payment disputes
  • Defective construction issues (i.e., water damage, mold, shifting houses, leaking pipes or roofs, etc.)
  • Misrepresentation of licensing
  • Misrepresentation or failure to maintain appropriate insurance policies

The firm’s unique experience in the full breadth of real estate law and litigation matters and in general business operations, financing and government relations provides clients with a comprehensive view of the legal issues at hand. Each case is handled with an acute sense of how decisions will affect operations and how the best interests of the client can be protected to the fullest extent of the law.

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